attack from udp 137

Hi all,

I am new to comodo firewall and is testing it to see how good it is. After installing, I found I am constantly being attacked via port UDP 137. It went to over 8000 attacks within 6 hours.

Comodo firewall says attack source udp 137 to destination

I know comodo is effectively blocking this attack but when I look at this person’s PC, it working fine. Doesn’t really have any signs of virus or malware. Anyone can help trace this problem?

Not sure if this is the correct place to ask this question. Sorry if off topic.

Hey abubin and welcome to the forums :slight_smile:

I am assuming you have a router.
You have nothing to worry about, this is not an attack I get the same in my logs when “Stealthing my ports to everyone”

Hello abubin, Have a look at this;

Also if you have any other questions or need more information try this;

open comodo ->Miscellaneous → Help
It has a load of information that will probably answer 99% of your questions, If there is something you are still unsure of, Just ask us :slight_smile:

Hope this helps, Kyle.

thanks for the quick reply. Your explanation is reassuring. I think I will just leave it at that. As long as my pc does not get attacked, I am happy. The other PCs are problems to the network admin.

UDP port 137, is windows Netbios Nameservice and uses this port to resolve computer names in you local network.
So as it’s coming from your local LAN it’s normal windows behavior if it’s coming from the internet i would block it.