Attack Detection Settings Tab?

This tab does not exist in the CIS 4x. CIS 4x no longer have these capabilities? We must go back to version 3x to get this feature back?

(See picture attached)

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Maybe they forgot add it? lets wait for an official answer

They intentionally excluded this feature! >:( The reason I don’t know…

This tab does not exist in the CIS 4x. CIS 4x no longer have these capabilities?
Here's where it's located
  1. Click on the comodo icon
  2. Click on the firewall icon
  3. Click on “Firewall Behavior Settings”
  4. There will be 3 tabs (General setting, alert settings, and advanced)
    4.1) Click on “advanced”
  5. Now you will see the settings :wink: :-TU
    Protect the ARP Cache
    Block Gratuitous ARP Frames
    Block Fragmented IP datagrams
    Do protocol analysis
    Monitor NDIS protocols other than TCP/IP

I have all of them with the checkmark

I hope this was what your looking for :slight_smile:

Oh my god, no.

Look at the picture please.

TCP Flood… UDP Flood… ICMP Flood…

We all know this, but TCP Flood, UDP Flood, ICMP Flood, port scan and DOS attack features are missing. Where are they?

Should be this reported like a bug?

They removed it probably because it never really worked as it was supposed to, at least I have never caused CIS to go into “Emergency Mode” and CIS never blocked port scans either.

They were removed. It’s not known why.

An official response, please?


:-TU That’s what i thought, too, when i saw this thread, especially taking into account enough people complained in the past the “Emergency Mode” never turned on despite computer was under attack (iirc some intentionally flooded test machines to check that).

Seems that the firewall of comodo is a joke xD maybe this is why in v4 is desactivated by default.
So instead try to improve the firewall is easiest remove parts.