Attack Detection Settings behind a hardware firewall

I have a LinkSys model BEFSX41 router (version 1.0) with NAT, SPI firewall, port stealthing and “Protects PCs from Ping of Death, SYN Flood, Land Attacks, IP Spoofing, and Other DoS (Denial of Service) Attacks”.

Within CFP’s Firewall>Advanced>Attack Detection Settings menu, which of the following features are redundant with my router?
‘Protect the ARP Cache’
‘Block Gratuitous ARP Frames’
‘Block Fragmented IP datagrams’
‘Do protocol analysis’
‘Do packet checksum verification’
‘Monitor other NDIS protocols than TCP/IP’

To improve memory and CPU resources on my PC, what other CFP features can be disabled since they are redundant with my router?

If you just installed Comodo then leave it be. I am behind a hardware firewall also and I just leave Comodo the way I installed it. Only uses 10,000 K with both its processes.

Perhaps J2897 would like to modify his CFP installation suggestions at for PCs behind a hardware firewall.