Attack Detection Settings and Intrusion Detection tab

Hi at this link:

there are the tcp,udp and icmp flood:why these settings are removed in the version 5.0?

aren’t they very important against dos attack?

These settings were removed in version 4.0. See this thread why they were removed.

thanks for the link…however i’m not agree…that option were useful against bruteforce or tcp syn flood attack…another thing:comodo is only packet filter or stateful inspetion also?

i would ask you another think: first of all what is the difference between “Protect the ARP Cache” and “Block gratuitous ARP frames”?an arp reply only without arp request isn’t a phase of ARP cache poisoning attacks?

the option Do Protocol Analysis what protocols analyze?

Monitor NDIS protocols other than TCP/IP what does it mean? that comodo capture the packet generated from other driver (.sys file) even the windows driver?

why fragmented IP Datagrams are threats for the system?