ATI Graphic Crashs after Update

After the automatic update from CD23.4 to CD24.0, my graphic crashs on
(I don’t test other websides because Facebook is important and the Browser must Display this)

If I move the Coursor fast the display switch short black and then Windows said:
The display driver “atikmdag” stopped responding and has recovered. (translated from german with Google)
If a video is playing it is not required to move the cursor (fast).

There is no other Message from Windows, Driver or Dragon.

I reinstalled FLASH, I updated ATI Graphics driver ==> nothing changed
The Update to CD24.1 don’t help

My workaround is a downgrade to CD23.4 and disable automatic Update.
With CD23.4 everything works fine.

Windows 7, ATI Radeon Xpress 1100

I post this only as an info because I have not enough info’s to fix my bug.

First thing I would do is go to display and drivers and revert to the previous version and see if that cures it.

Hi silentsurfer,
After installing V24 you didn’t happen to enable Do not allow websites to know where you came from (suppress HTTP referrer header) did you?
If yes try V24 with this setting disabled.

What version of the ATI drivers are you running? Notice that the Radeon Express is a Legacy driver in the ATI/AMD world. Are you using the latest Leagay driver for this series (Catalyst 10.2) or using the latest available driver (Catalyst 13.1)?

Using a driver other than the Legacy driver may give problems as the new drivers are not made for older hardware series.

This is true but I don’t think you can even install the 13.1 driver on a Radeon Express equipped system. It is not listed as supported in the .inf file that controls the driver installation. I have an XP laptop with the Express 200M chip and the latest driver I can even install is the 10.2.

It may be possible by manipulating inf file but it does not make sense for a software maker to test with unsupported drivers. Hence my remark.

Absolutely and it is also true that the newer drivers contain optimizations specifically for the newer cards and will provide no benefit for the legacy ones whatsoever. They may even prove detrimental to performance.