at least one third of internet users in china would never use comodo cis

You are contradicting yourself. You said in another reply that it is very dangerous without the “block all incoming” rule.

You are just talking about theory. I’ve tested it and the fact is “block all incoming” rule do affect tracert in my PC if you put it above “Allow ICMP In…” rules. May be it’s a malfunction in Comodo Firewall. You better try it out.

I’ll stop here. The replies here should focus on helping sdfsadfdfs instead of discussing firewall theory.

hi,i have just changed some of my internet settings and now i no longer see * in the result of tracert.

here it is:


通过最多 30 个跃点跟踪 [] 的路由:

1 15 ms 15 ms 16 ms
2 15 ms 16 ms 15 ms
3 16 ms 16 ms 16 ms
4 16 ms 15 ms 16 ms
5 41 ms 41 ms 45 ms
6 70 ms 73 ms 69 ms
7 158 ms 153 ms 158 ms
8 210 ms 205 ms 210 ms
9 371 ms 365 ms 367 ms
10 462 ms 455 ms 445 ms
11 450 ms 451 ms 448 ms [
12 454 ms 452 ms 445 ms [
13 481 ms 487 ms 484 ms []
14 514 ms 520 ms 517 ms []
15 560 ms 558 ms 555 ms []

16 545 ms 545 ms 546 ms []

17 629 ms 615 ms 620 ms []
18 588 ms 582 ms 587 ms []

19 620 ms 613 ms *
20 617 ms * 624 ms []
21 595 ms 592 ms 596 ms []
22 590 ms 597 ms 594 ms []



正在 Ping [] 具有 32 字节的数据:
来自 的回复: 字节=32 时间=589ms TTL=41
来自 的回复: 字节=32 时间=597ms TTL=41
来自 的回复: 字节=32 时间=602ms TTL=41
来自 的回复: 字节=32 时间=596ms TTL=41 的 Ping 统计信息:
数据包: 已发送 = 4,已接收 = 4,丢失 = 0 (0% 丢失),
最短 = 589ms,最长 = 602ms,平均 = 596ms

I was referring to the default settings of v5.5. Apparently you are using the stealth settings and that was what I was replying to.

You are just talking about theory. I've tested it and the fact is "block all incoming" rule do affect tracert in my PC if you put it above "Allow ICMP In..." rules. May be it's a malfunction in Comodo Firewall. You better try it out.
It is not a malfunction. You are not understanding the principle of Stateful Inspection Please reread what I wrote about it or when that is not clear enough look for another source explaining the principle of Stateful Inspection.
I'll stop here. The replies here should focus on helping sdfsadfdfs instead of discussing firewall theory.

What changes did you make? You downloaded the latest full database. Can you now download the incremental updates? Or is that still a slow process?

What OS are you on? Windows XP?

I checked the IP addresses of the tracert. The first nine hops are all on the network of your provider taking 61% of the total time.

I was noticing time outs at hop 19 and hop 20. Try running tracert a number of times again and see if the time outs show up again with the hops “
[]” and " []".


Connectivity (traceroute, ping) to doesn’t really tell us anything useful.
What would likely be helpful is for users in China to download wget (Wget for Windows) and use it to download a file a few times, then report back with the output from wget and their public IP address (

wget -S -O NUL

I think “-O NUL” will throw away the data as it’s downloaded on Windows.
This is just 10 megabytes of random data though.


hi,the situation here is more worse,i found i could no longer download cis from its website:Download Antivirus for Mac | Free Antivirus Software for Mac

what’s wroung with comodo

anybody has a reply for that???

by the way,i also can not download ctm from comodo’s website,is that imply comodo is going to stop its business???

Try to download CIS from alternative sites like filehippo, download, softpedia… :wink:

Is your problem still happening? It may have been fixed:

well,i have just tested it for another time.the problem still exists.the downloadspeed of virus definition update is very slow.don’t know when would comodo fix this problem.

This may be your internet service provider’s problem, not Comodo’s.

Have you contacted your ISP ?

Please contact Bordersquirrel and point him to your problem. Then you can do some testing with him to see if your problem is related to the changes with the update servers or some place else.

well,i had done that before,but he said he could do nothing now.

Thanks for letting us know.

I’m surprised by this… with Comodo having offices in China and even having AV analysts & developers there, I would have thought that they would better served/supported (infrastructure wise).

sdfsadfdfs, as you’re probably aware URLs like are not really what they seem. They’re meant to identify the users geographical location and then route the users request to the nearest physical server location. Saying that, I’ve read through this topic & I may have missed where you said it (sorry if I did), but are you using anything that could hide/mask your geographical location (VPN, Anonymizer service, etc)?

I don’t know what the comodo’s offices in China are doing… ???
cis cav cfp,update time:2010-12-29…