At a loss.....sudden connectivity issues

I’ve been using CFP for awhile now…got all the network issues resolved and it has been running smoothly on 4 of my machines.

A few weeks ago my main pc started having CFP issues again in the form of dropping my connection.
I know it’s the firewall because I have to turn it off, repair the connection, and then start CFP again.
Normally it only does it when the pc goes into sleep mode…It just dropped the connection while I was on it however so this prob has to be fixed before it starts with the other pcs.

I’ve checked the logs and don’t see anything strange, my network settings haven’t changed…actually I hadn’t changed anything in CFP when the prob started again.
Loopbacks don’t seem to make a difference…

No new programs added…
Any ideas?


are u using an usb port to connect to the internet?

I’m having exactly the same problem. And yes I am using a USB wi-fi adapter to connect to the internet. is there no way of using comodo firewall with such an adapter?

No usb connections although I’m not sure why that would cause the problem seeing as it runs fine on everything else including wireless.
It’s a sporadic issue but it’s getting rather annoying.

All my network rules are correct and nothing has changed except…this is the only machine with auto CFP updates on(the other machines have not been allowed to update).