asus wifi access point mode cannot work

Hi Guys !

I’m using XP64 in a Asus P5E3 wifi motherboard. This board has 2 network cards and a wifi adapter.
I’m using 1 of network to my internal net (10.1.1.x), and want to use the WIFI adapter as a access point for laptops conection.
Before instal CIS firewall, everything was working fine. Asus install an application that act as a WIFI “router”, receiving wifi conections and routing this to my fisical adapter and acting like and DHCP for this conections.
After install CIS fw, the local station is working fine, the “external” wifi network was detect as a new zone (I created first like a ip range and later as MAC, both doest change nothing).
BUT the laptop cannot browse. It connect, receive and IP, but when I enter in a browse app, the " server" (my desktop) refuses the request as invasions attempt.
I try to put the fw in trainning mode, but the system still doesnt “learn” nothing. The event log say that the requests are blocked (like DNS and HTTP requests) by “Windows Operation system”, without describe the app precisilly.
I try to create rules to open asus apps complettly, without success. Deactivating fw (“allow all” mode), everything works fine.
This is driving me crazy, how can I free this " windows operating system " blocking ? Or, better, how can I find what the hell are this ?
Sorry about my terrible english, I tried to make my best.