ASTARO Network Security (SSL Remote Access)


One of my customer is very interested on purchasing a COMODO Certificate.
I just wanted to know if any certificate is fully compatible and can be used/installed within the ASTARO NETWORK SECURITY, specifically at the SSL Remote Access feature:

I would appreciate any asistance from a Comodos Representative, in order to advice my customer wich certificate is compatible with the product I am mentioning.

Thank you in advance.


I’ve never heard of the product or company but it appears it should work. Give our Free 90-day cert a whirl. From what I have seen so long as clients trust the root CA, this product won’t care. If the 90-day one works, it’s up to you what to buy. (InstantSSL, PremiumSSL, EVSSL, etc.)

SSL certificates follow a standard format.
A vendor doesn’t really have the option of selling a certificate that, for example, works with IIS, and doesn’t work with Apache.

Unless your Astaro has some unsual requirements such as specific key sizes, EV vs not EV, etc, a certificate pretty much has to work.

Thank you both for your clear answers