Assistance please

I am doing E-learning module - It requires the following. I have attempted to configure the firewall using info from forum as well as google without success:
Network Firewall Settings & Requirements
 Firewalls need to be configured to allow access to e-LfH e-learning materials
o TCP Ports 7777, 7778 and 7780 to IP addresses and need to be open for outgoing traffic
Network Security
The e-LfH delivery platform is comprised of a series of Oracle applications (Oracle Internet Directory, Oracle Portal and Oracle iLearning) which operate over ports 7777, 7778 and 7780. These are the default ports for these applications and are only used for delivering content over HTTP to the user’s web browser. The e-LfH systems will not install any software on user’s computer, nor will users be asked to install software downloaded from e-LfH systems.
Any help would be appreciated.