Assignable command for processing of IP in alert popup

We need to be able to postprocess the alerted IP in the popop display.


  • a click on the alerted IP triggers the predefined command
  • command supports a merge-tag [IP];

command Examples:

  1. Whois Lookup Captcha
  2. “c:\server\admin-script\network\firewall\log_fwalert_user.ps1 [IP]”

What they should have, at the least, is reverse dns lookup on the ip in the alert box. This seems to be standard is most other firewalls. A customizable command would also be nice, so you can start SmartWhois or whatever tool you choose.

Good idea. A wish for reverse lookup to be implemented has already been made here. If you support this wish please vote for it.

Let me know if you have any questions.