Assign different rules depending on the zone?


I’m trying to acheive the following:
Under normal circumstances all allowed applications are granted access to the internet.
But I’d like to create a zone I can assign to “expensive” connections like a GSM connection where I pay per kilobyte. In this zone, Internet access is much more restricted, for example Firefox has access, but not the Windows Online Updater and others. So creating a rule to allow/block Port 80 does not work as it has to be dependent on the application.
Is that possible with Comodo Firewall?

Thanks a lot


That’s not possible.

What you could do is create a second configuration in More → Manage My Configurations.

In the follow I assume you are running the default Internet Security Configuration.

First import the back up factory default Internet Security Configuration from the CIS installation folder. Give it a different name like Comodo Internet Security Limited for example. Now edit it to your likings.

Each time you are connecting using the GSM switch to the Comodo Internet Security Limited configuration.

The same procedure can be used when using the Proactive Security Configuration.