See here.

I hope they buy ASK before some other crazy investors do… I think Microsoft is most suited to take over the site, they got the knowledge, money and the hunger to improve the searches…

Ask can’t possible keep up with these giants anyway… So selling is probably a good move… =)

Oh Wow!! If that is the case I wonder if the people that have so much of a problem with Comodo
having any Ask affiliations,will dump Windows?

I hope they do. :-TU Then we can “enjoy” their smart ■■■ arguments over and over about how “linux/mac is better than windows” :■■■■ instead of the repeating old whining complains that there is a optional toolbar in CIS… To some thats so extremely important that they feel every new thread about CIS need some re-educational posts where they point out: this freeware has a optional tool-bar in it, really bad. 88) 88)

I agree.

I did try a duel boot Ubuntu/XP install,and just could not live with the duel boot thing.
Now I have a Xubuntu live CD I play with,so I do kind of have interest in Linux.
But some users can get a little over zealous.