Ask what to do about Inbound/Outbound traffic?

I asked this a long time ago, but can’t find the post (it as been a year or more) and couldn’t find is, so sorry about having to ask again.

I’ve used Comodo Firewall 5.x for a long time. I had it set up to block all inbound/outbound traffic, notify me an ask me what to do. I want to configure it like that again, but can’t seem to figure out how to do so in the new version.

Anyone else have their firewall set up like this? Can anyone suggest a configuration that does this?

I went back to Windows 7 for that year and just re-installed 8 (followed by 8.1).

This time I am going to e-mail the answer to myself so I don’t lose it again!

Thanks for the help!

Hello, I’ve made a video about this here: Set up alerts for both inbound and outbound connections in CIS v6.3 - YouTube I hope it helps, if it doesn’t then please let me know and also include a new description of what you’d like it to be set up as.

Something I forgot to mention in the video is that CIS will put a connection on hold/block it until you’ve answered an alert, so things aren’t allowed to connect out or in while you make your decision.

Thank! That works, just need to tweek it a bit (trying different alert levels).

Thanks again for the help!

And, yes, I just wanted it to ask me what to do for everything inbound and outbound. I like to keep track of what I allow as well as set 99% of them to outbound only.