Ask what setting the user prefer on installation.

The title speaks for itself.
If you install ZA for instance then it asks you “hey do you want maximum stealth, hey do you, bla bal”…

I was thinking something similar… “hey do you want the HIPS to be at maximum protection” bla bla results in more popups bla bla… O0 O0

Maby something that has been posted before…

Anyway I think this could be a great way to help users configure CIS to the setting they like. :-TU :slight_smile: Maby this can be runned later as well, a sort of “wizard” that walks you thought the settings… hmm, …


An “installation wizard” has been suggested in the usabilty forum: see this post (this link is only available to members with special privileges). It was also suggested that the wizard can be run at anytime after install. For those who cannot access the link, I have posted an excerpt below.

Installation Wizard (for a complete description, see this post in the usability forum)

Elements that should be covered in the settings wizard during install:

  • Stealth ports - Make stealth port wizard part of the installation process so people don’t forget to set protection when the program starts. The stealth port wizard can still be kept within CIS, so that the options can be changed.
  • Firewall Configuration (security level and alerts settings).
  • Defense+ Configuration (security level, monitor settings, image execution).
  • Antivirus Configuration (realtime on/off, heuristics level, scheduled scans).
  • Maximize functionality by communication with Comodo - Threatcast (on/off), automatically perform on-line look up of unrecognized files (on/off), automatically submit files in submission queue (on/off).
  • Trusted vendors list - A list of vendors can be displayed to the user. This list should include: 1) the “default” trusted vendors supplied by Comodo, and 2) the vendors of signed executables on the computer (the wizard can scan the computer for signed executables). Then, the user could select which of the vendors he/she wants to install into the “my trusted vendors” list.
  • Update (auto update on/off).
  • GUI settings - balloon messages (show/hide), tray icon (show/hide), tray icon animation (show/hide), install/don’t install desktop shortcut, and any other GUI customizations planned for the new GUI. If Comodo is planning on separate GUI’s for novice and expert: then include an advanced/basic mode setting.
  • Language
  • Automatically detect private networks (on/off)
  • Option to import a user-defined configuration
  • Option to scan the ‘Program Files’ folder and ask if the user would like to allow or deny internet access to each program (as Online Armor Firewall does)
  • Option to scan for malware



Here is my wish!

I think I included all your suggestions in the list already. Please look over the list and see if I need to add anything.


Thanks Whoop, they are all included! :-TU