ASK : toolbar = malware?

i browse to spyware terminator forum and see that many ppl complain about the current ST installer is bundled with Crawler toolbar. why is that such a big deal? what harm could possibly happen by using a toolbar?

Brace yourself, Ganda. I hope this is self-explanatory:

A large number of toolbars, some added by spyware, overwhelm an Internet Explorer session.

Don’t you think “large” is an understated adjective in the above pic ;D

when installing st it will ask if you want web security guard(toolbar must be install to run wsg) if you choose no then you wont have crawler toolbar.

wow never seen that many toolbars soyabeaner

Me neither :D. That was from wiki. I guess that’s another reason not to use IE ;D

I’ve seen that picute before, but I doubt anyone have that many toolbars.
And if you can choose to install it or not, then it shouldn’t be classified as malware (if it doesn’t do any harm to your computer).


nah, lots of ppl complain that crawler removed the option to install ST only, we have to install the bundled ST+toolbar.

WOW :o , but they don’t do anything harmful right?

Except making you hammer-smash your computer to get rid of the toolbars, no :o

oh, they can’t be removed ??? that’s bad >:(
but why ppl complain about that crawler toolbar, it’s not a “sneaky” toolbar & can be easily removed. hey same goes to comodo trusttoolbar, just because it’s automatically installed, lots of ppl think that it’s a malware.

They can, tho you would have to waste lots of time :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, if it’s stated that’s it’s installed, even if it’s automatically installed to use the software, easy to remove and doesn’t do any harm, it can’t really be a malware.

Toolbars are often spywares, and even when they are not, they install still more processes and registry entries, the less is always the best, while i don’t see whatever amelioration they can bring.

“sneaky” because for the ignorant users who don’t read the installation words and warnings, they don’t expect an extra “thing” on their web browser. Such extraneous toolbars have historically been associated with spyware, etc, hence, the paranoid psychological effects are everlasting even if they aren’t malicious. brucine is right in that there is no use for them, so why install something that you have no idea how to use and just add extra bloat?

So Ganda, you know what to do: don’t include it at installation, even for one of your fav progs like CCleaner.

You don’t need to download “CCleaner with toolbar included inside the installation file”, anyway…

Here the versions without the toolbar are being posted with every new update.

Just in case one should not have already known this.

Cheers :slight_smile:

One would be surprised to know how many don’t know there are other builds :■■■■

I always pick portable version of any software since it’s the smallest & don’t add ■■■■ registry keys.

Well, if you download it from their original site, you will always be directed here:

There are different download choices being offered, right?

He who cannot read will always play the fool, am I right?

Btw pdfcreator (sourceforge, pdfforge) now (again, unfortunately) offers their free pdf creator only with toolbar (optional at install, though, still something to regret…)
last version that offered a clean install.exe was version 0.93 (just for interest) and still does it’s job quite well.
Way more lean than the new version.

np Beatles: Fool(s) on the (imaginary) hill

Cheers :slight_smile:

;D my fav program is CMG.

:■■■■ thx for the explanation guys. i only use google toolbar. O0