Ask the user if he/she want's to post a uninstall reason.

If you uninstall the product it will automatically “phone home” and ask you for a uninstall reason.
Nothing wrong with that, but maybe it would be nicer to have an alert asking the user if he/she want’s to report the uninstall reason.

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Hey Ronny,

Obviously you’ve never uninstalled CIS! LOL. It already does this.

Ewen :slight_smile:

It never did for me and believe me i have uninstalled more than a dozen times.

I don’t need the alert to make sure i want to uninstall, i’d like to be notified that the uninstaller is trying to start my browser and open the comodo website to ask me why i chose to uninstall.

That’s exactly what I get. Curious.

Sorry, I was misinterpreting your post. I don’t get a warning that the browser is going to start.

An alert of this kind would need to be solely provided by CIS as an integral part of the uninstall routine.

I do not get a alert either it just starts the browser.
The reason for this could be that I always uninstall in Safe Mode.