"ASK" still doesn't work in network policy rules (3.0.14 x32)

Still broken for many of us in Essentially makes the rule into a no-op. Usually requires us to be much too liberal in what we allow by default.

I’ve been trying to determine what precisely is happening regarding ‘Ask’. In some cases it seems to work and in others it doesn’t.

I know you’ve been playing with the rules recently, Have you tested ‘Ask’ without any Global rules?

Yes; I have no global rules. I have tried it at all levels and in various situations since 3.0.12, with and without global rules, and have never been able to get it to act as other than a no-op. And have not a clue as to why it doesn’t work, since it seems to work for most users. Didn’t work when I had UAC enabled, still doesn’t work now that I have UAC disabled. Thus I have some very open rules. :wink:

That’s more or less what I’ve observed, although It did seem to prompt me once or twice for inbound connection attempts against ‘System’ these were the typical requests for ports such as 135, 137-139 and 445. All of which I have disabled. But blocking the prompt did create the appropriate rule.

It doesn’t work against WOS and ‘Ask’ is the only rule I have for that. All I get are blocks.

“ASK” is sort of a no-op for me. I can do an “ask and log” and get a log, but only of the next applicable rule depending on whether it is a block or an allow. I can put in an “ask and log” rule, follow it with the same rule as either an allow or a block, and get either an allow or a block and a log of the next rule. Weird ???

I can confirm what sded said. ASK should definitely be fixed. Not weird - broken. :frowning:

I happen to use global rules.

Al (will I need to wait for the next release?) Adric

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Did anyone open a ticket on this yet?