[ASK] I forgot my Comodo Password ??

Help ME…!!!
I want to Unnistall my comodo, but i forgot my pasword… ??? ???
can i get the password ??

sorry my english is bad… :slight_smile:

I searched “password” and found your answer. Why do you need to uninstall Comodo?


Yeah is there any reason why you need or want to uninstall it?

We can help you resolve the issue you’re having… It’s what we are here for.


thank you for help… :slight_smile:

comodo make my computer slow…
why ??

sorry my english is bad… :frowning:

No Comodo will not make your pc slow. It uses very little resources.

it’s not comodo what other security software do you have installed a list would be helpful as well as what kinda computer processor and ram. thanks :slight_smile:

On a follow up of what others said, CFP 3 uses very few resources. cmdagent uses about 7mb-10mb and cfp.exe uses 2-5mb in my system - It is very light on resources.

Can you please clarrify here what your Operating System is and what other Security Applications you are running? Make sure you also have all Windows Updates installed.


no offense but you should just answer his question. If he doesn’t want the firewall isn’t that his choice. I want the answer myself but not to uninstall. I forgot my password and I can’t change nothing so I would like an answer and I’m sure he would too. Not to sound mean but it’s just a free firewall. I could understand if this was paid for where your job is to force him to stay. Just looking out for the weak…

Welcome to the forum hivmunky :slight_smile:
I have found two topics one Here and Here hope these help you

He asked his question on August 15th… I think he was satisfied with the answers, otherwise he would have asked again 88)

Why always reviving those dead topics ?

I’ll lock this one now.


If you look at his post hivmunky said he wanted a answer aswell.
Quote “I want the answer myself”
hivmunky if the answer does not help please open a new topic.
Thank you