Ask for submission for suspicious file that identified by Heuristics scan

I wish to have a pop up window asking me that these files are suspicious identified by Heuristics scan, and
Ask me send to COMODO for further identification.
If I click Yes, then it send automatically.
Then reply me “Sent Successfully”.
And then I can quarantine them into “Suspicious” folder.
The Suspicious folder is different from Quarantine folder.
So that I can figure out wish folder is “malware” and which folder is “suspicious”.

You can send that file to Comodo AV lab at malwaresubmit[at]avlab[dot]comodo[dot]com

By turn off antivirus and restore that file, then zipped it with password “infected” and write a subject “submit suspend file”.

Comodo got a quick response if it’s malware the signature will be avaliable in next update.
And a false positive will be remove too.

Thank you, Petit,

I know that it can manually send the infected and suspicious files.

What I wish is a friendly operation after scan. No matter it is manual scan, or schedule scan. I wish COMODO CIS can add this feature.


Both False Positives and Suspicious files can be submitted via this site:

Also, I believe that adding a button in the quarantine window to submit files as FPs to Comodo would be very helpful.

I would prefer a button in the detections window. If I know it’s a false positive, I’d like to simply submit the file from there without taking any further action.

Good point HeffeD. It would probably be useful to have a button to report FPs in both the scan window and the quarantine.