[ASK] control panel/ system/virtual memory, is it really useful? [resolved]

hi guys,
anybody knows about this ?
control panel ==> system==>advance==>performance (setting button)==>advance tab ==> virtual memory.
it says “area on the hard disk that Windows uses as if it were RAM”
so if we increase the paging file size, we can get more RAM?


If you have RAM spare it might as well be used.
ATM I have 487MB ‘spare’; if I open lots of tabs in Opera, or use Google Earth or Autoroute, it will reduce but speed up the apps. (Opera in particular is v. good at using and releasing RAM).

The HDD is very slow cf RAM, so you’d be better to install enough RAM (it’s cheap enough). Indeed, if you have sufficient RAM, you can cut the Virtual Mem. to the minimum and run in RAM.

OK, thx Giraffe. :■■■■