Ask a Smart Question, Get a Dumb answer...

Go ahead and ask me any technical question. Problems with firewall, or anything, you will get a complete and utter truthful dumb answer. I think many would like to give answers as this sometimes so here’s our chance…These are joking around and in no way serious answers… :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: ::slight_smile: ??? :o Just some comodo user humor to lighten the mood.



Here’s a dumb question: Why does my coffee holder keep breaking on the computer? I select eject CD then put my cup of coffee on it and it never works again ??? ;D


What? You don’t know how to make coasters? I have at least 30 using Roxio EZ Cd creator :slight_smile:



Hi Paul!
I wonder how i’m gonna get out my creditcard from the floppy drive? It has been stuck there since i was doing some online-shopping… I didn’t get any stuff delivered either… :-[

I have that same problem… Any help? Also, I want a bigger monitor display, but it’s made from hard plastic and I can’t stretch it… Any suggestions…

Oh one more thing, I finally got a VOIP softphone installed on my computer… but no matter how many times I talk into it, no one can hear me on the other end… What do you recommend?

Why isn’t my floppy disk floppy? I bent it slightly and it broke.

Well, i really don’t know… Paul has to answer the questions here… :wink: Still i’m answering… ::slight_smile:
Do you like my first animation ever? LOL! ;D It’s Paul’s graphics.

That’s really cool. Like the bunny part - is he chasing after Paul in the spaceship? ;D

Yes… and i think he’s getting closer… ;D

You need to mail a service technician, open your cd drive since floppy is plugged and insert letter. If you haven’t recieved your packages it’s probably due to them being to big for the cable. They may have to break them down into packets… :slight_smile:


For your screen, what you should do is move onto the neighbor’s lawn , hold up binoculars adjust until clear. Your screen will seem larger. A wirless keyboard and mouse may come in handy as well.

I recommend calling someone who wants to hear you. :slight_smile:


Are we talking about computer’s here?


Hmmm, not quite sure what that bunnie’s intentions are with that space ship. He’s a bit too happy in my book. :smiley:


He’s just keeping an eye on things… :wink:

ok, what came first…
the chicken or the eqq?

the puter or the mouse?

Man or woman?

  1. I don’t care as long as I get to eat.

  2. Call Bill and ask him 1-555-imrich-yournot

  3. I wasn’t there to listen. :wink:

comicfan, What’s going on, Why are you being shown as " guest" ??

For the last question: depends which one was on their knees.

Apologies if that was too risque.


Unfortunately our good friend Paul (Comicfan2000) has left the Comodo Forums, I will go ahead and mark this topic as “closed” since Comicfan is no longer here :'(. However the topic will stay open for posts.

Can I ask why?