ASG version 2.2 made live - Happy Holidays


Quick note to advise that ASG 2.2 is live.

Your new features are:-

  1. Separation of administrative notifications from license expiry notifications (this one especially for ChrisH). Set these up in your domain(s) dashboard under ‘Domain Settings’

  2. To assist you with your Business Continuity Plan, your users (if given permission) can now reply/reply-all to emails from their ASG archive. User just needs to select an email from the MailBackup archive and click on the Reply or Reply All buttons. This of course means that you need to have added MailBackup archiving to your domains(s)

  3. Administrators can configure email alerts to users for every new item added to the user’s quarantine. This can be configured under your domain’s dashboard in the Spam Detection Settings

  4. Administrators can now create blacklist entries from regex input - no need to have received an email first

  5. Administrators can now import whitelists/blacklists from a CSV file exported from a 3rd party product/list

  6. Administrators using the User Auto-Discovery feature can now pull a report of auto-added users. Look in the domain’s Incoming section under ‘Manage Report Subscriptions’ for this schedule-able report

  7. All logs are now using the HH format instead of hh format i.e. showing the logged time in 24-hour format instead of the AM/PM format

  8. Administrators are able to optionally select whether they would like to receive alerts when new users are being added to the Incoming Users container when using the ‘auto-import’ feature. Administrators can also configure the email addresses that these email alerts should be sent to. Have a look under your domain’s Account Management ‘Users auto-import’ GUI

If you still aren’t familiar with ASG, see this Anti-spam | Cloud Based Spam Email Filter Security from Comodo - 2019. Grab a trial, then watch your spam decrease and you risk of infection through email attachment/phishing link drop through the floor.

Chat soon guys ‘n’ gals,

Happy Holidays.