As a CIS user do malware scanners find any problems on your PC

I maybe run one of these every few months as for me they never find anything.

How about you?

So far I’ve never found anything from after I got interested in IT security.

I’ve only found tracking cookies with HitmanPro, but no infections etc.,

Nothing apart from an incidental adware when I forgot to properly look when installing a freeware tool. But that is rare as I am vigilant when installing freeware programs.

I voted rarely but I don’t see the above as a security problem.

Never for me in terms of malware/spyware/adware… :110:

Never here but they didn’t when I was using Avast either.

Well since I start to use CIS…Hmm I say…Never :110:
And to be honest I stop using this type of programs, since I’m on CIS, with default deny, don’t see the point no more, let’s put it this way, if you start using these types of programs, is a sign that you don’t trust the av that you have it on your PC.

No AV is 100%, so I like to have another program for scanning just in case there are problems.

Thankfully I only get the odd adware type thing installing itself, but that’s hardly the fault of CIS, so still count this as never been infected while using products mentioned ;D

Also have only seen toolbar’s installed on other computers being protected by CIS, so consider this to be a extremely good result too ;D

I wish Comodo would look more into taking a stand against toolbar’s and other unwanted applications, often these can cause not just an annoyance but also distress to those who aren’t computer literate and it affects there use of their computers, so hopefully Comodo can do something to protect from these kinds of software too :slight_smile:

Same here for me.

A Scan with HitmanPro once a week, and a full scan with Malwarebyte’s about every two weeks.

It always handy to have Malwarebyte’s, SUPERAntiSpyware or Emsisoft Free Emergency Kit it doesn’t matter just because Comodo collect about 2 or 3 thousand malwares a day doesn’t means they’re 100% full bullet proof in prevention and detection, Comodo can only achieve 99.9% at least 1% chance Comodo will missed that’s why is handy to have another malware scanner just in case if something goes wrong and it safer than being sorry.

Never here on 2 Win 7 64 & 1 XP 32 systems.

I think the only way to bypass CIS with the right configuration is human error. All the same I’m a big fan of second opinion scanners. :slight_smile:

I voted Never

I think it’s a combination of CIS and the way my habits are while using my computer.

But, that doesn’t mean I don’t use an On-demand scanner(s).

Of the thousands of definitions that comodo gets everyday,it only takes 1 definition that comodo does not have for secondary scanners to have their uses.

A bit like having the same doctor all your life and then you realise your doctor has missed something that another doctor finds.

A different viewpoint and opinion is always a good thing.

And that is why we have Sandboxing and HIPS :wink: but yes I agree that scanning with different programs presents valuable viewpoints which might save us the trouble of going through the sandbox reseting or analyzing the HIPS alerts.

It’s never found one on mine, but it has certainly found a lot on my clients (who are now using CIS). :wink:

Ewen :slight_smile:

I rarely use other scanners now, but when I do they never find any issues. :slight_smile:

Never on my computers.

I usually use Killswitch to check if there are any unknown processes (just for fun :))

I simply don`t like the unknown files :slight_smile:


I voted “never” because the only alerts I get from other programs is for FP’s, tracking cookies and PUPS. CIS does it’s job well. :love: