armageddon @ 2014 !

:o :o
i’ve read it somewhere. it says there’s a chance about 1:999 (still, it’s a chance 88) ) an asteroid (or meteor ??? ) will crush our beloved earth on 2014 and if that happen :o we’ll have “armageddon” movie re-run but without Ben Affleck this time.
there’s a link to bbc website, but the link is broken. somebody know/ever heard about this?
so before 2014,i’d like to say some words to my friends here :

  • goose17 : stay away from any restaurant
  • /LA : return those video tapes!
  • Soya : it’s time to confess, are you really a man or a woman
  • Little Mac : errr, call 911 ?
  • red : bring back my hammer & voodoo dolls you borrowed yesterday
  • Aladinonl : how’s your exam?
  • Ragwing : hackers are bad >:( ! (but i like using gameshark ;D )
  • Grampa : errr…stay old ??? :smiley:
  • whoelse? i have bad memory. (:TNG)
    good luck everyone. be nice to me, we still have 6 years, maybe i’ll let some of you to use my bunker (:TNG)


It’s the Apophis!
Here’s a link to it:
*. Wikipedia
*. Google Search

And it’s 2036, not 2014.
Here another link:
*. Space

another asteroid ??? and we have only one earth :THNK
but i’m sure the article said 2014.
so i still have plenty of time to decorate the bunker ;D, maybe i’ll put some blue wallpaper, buy a lava lamp, maybe a couch. ah definitely a couch, can’t imagine abunker without a couch

In 2036 my hair will be much grayer. If it is to hit I will spend the day on the golf course. But, with my luck, that will be the day I hit that perfect shot, it drops on the green, it’s rolling toward the hole, still rolling!, it might be a hole in one!! (my first, and only, one)–then the asteroid would land dead center on my ball and stop it short!


I don’t get it, am I a hacker? ???

Anyways Ganda, as you’re so paranoid you might want to check this lnik from NASA with NEO’s that might impact with the Earth:

Anyways Ganda, I’ll launch a nuclear bomb or something on it for you (:LOV)

Lol somehow some software that Comodo creates will save the earth :stuck_out_tongue: :SMLR

ooops. better backup my emails… (:LGH)

No 88) Now that you told this I will keep them ;D

Greetz, Red.

googoo dolls? :-)))

yeah, you have potential. 88)
:o wow, lots of potential impacts :o , i’ll check it daily after i update my AV

LOL , don’t forget the malware samples :smiley:

;D you’re so unlucky. you should buy a lucky charm, like horse shoe, rabbit’s leg. a hammer 88)

Goo Goo Dolls - Wikipedia <== use guitar
Real Voodoo Dolls That Work | Calastrology <===use hammer & needle :smiley:

so, nobody ever heard about this 2014 catastrophy ???

no matter how big is that stuff… let’s just hope it lands on Symantec headquarters :-))))))

yeah, it’s like “COMODO Firewall Ultra version 23.025.698 beta MegaDefence++ alert:
An asteroid that could not be recognized is trying to hit the earth. If you are not performing any of these actions, you may consider blocking this request.”
And this is it - the day is saved! Thanks to Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup! erm… i mean COMODO Firewall Ultra v23.025.698 beta with it’s brand new powerful MegaDefence++ HIPS features that prevents viruses, spyware, adware, malware, trojans, rootkits and asteroids!

:smiley: LOL

i hope this CFU v.23.025.698 beta is stable enough. at least please don’t crash when the asteroid coming ;D

anyway, this is really weird, i read about this asteroid, the link given was broken and nobody ever heard about this?

Lol, do you mean that screenshot of Hack The Game? :smiley:
Or my little funny JavaScript that I posted :wink:

I guess no one cares until it’s like one year before that we know for 100% sure that it will hit th Earth. Then someone will just invent a laser beam as powerful as the Sun and melt it.
Else, that COMODO Firewall Ultra version 23.025.698 beta MegaDefence+ will save us!

Lol yeah, we can live without them.

Yeah, it’s supposed to happen in a generation’s time from Israel’s re-birth. Or after a generation, forgot.
The problem was figuring out what the bible means by generation.

What should worry you is that it’s written in the bible LONG LONG AGO that Israel was going to be reborn.

Tick tock tick tock

wait… OHHHHHHHHHH! i figured it out! This is what TC is going to do ;D “TC Saving the Day one Asteroid at a time”

Oh great. Now Ganda won’t be able to sleep without a gigantic hammer by his side.

;D what? you think i’ll knock the asteroid with a gigantic hammer? i use 3 hammers! ;D

And the question is:
…what about those people who believe in reincarnation?
If earth were to be destroyed, then where do they go afterlife?

good question 88)