Are you still using Internet Explorer? Here's a reason to not!

I think this speaks for itself… 88)

File iexplore.exe received on 12.06.2008 15:40:54 (CET) Current status: finished Result: 38/38 (100.00%)

NOTE: This is not the real Internet Explorer browser, but a malware disguised as Internet Explorer. I just posted this for fun.

I could rename a malwarefile to firefox.exe and it will be detected as malware…

So, Ragwing was feeling bored. :smiley:

Yeah, you can rename a malware to whatever name and change the icon. Start being afraid people ;D


I do not afraid off… I utilized my CIS for a power pack combination like what Manny Pacquiao did to De La Hoya.

:BNC :BNC :BNC PEACE Xan… Hehehehe

Happy newyear man :slight_smile: Have a safe one


Why use Internet Explorer when Firefox can do everything IE can do and do more and do better?

A few sites need ActiveX to run…

Why use Firefox when Google Chrome is used by CG ?



Google Chrome is BAD.
To turn off plugins and iFrames you need to add command line in shortcut ;D
It’s completely virus unprotected.
Also even if you get Google warning about infected page you somehow still get infected.
And those pages are either spotted by user reviews or Google bot which visits one page once per 90 days if not less ;D

I have CIS, and thats all the protection i need :stuck_out_tongue:

Google, is fast, and it’s used by CG… other then the security vulern’s it has, why not use it?


If I had to switch from FF I’d switch to Opera…does Chrome have anything like Noscript and ABP?



Now we come to another point.
Why is it good?
If you talk about speed then Firefox is slower then Google Chrome on default(for me)
But with configured settings in about:config Firefox is much faster for me.
And as I know you can’t change settings in Google Chrome…

What do you change in about:config?

well, lets say… you have grandma joanna and grandpa joe,
They barely know how to use computers only yahoo and few other websites…
Would you like them to have Google Chrome… A Fast Browser By Default… or Firefox in which you have to configure the core settings/values to make it faster or fast as Google Chrome… and lets just say they have Comodo Endpoint so they dont have to answer any annoying alerts…

Also, The GUI of Google Chrome is the best i think…

Which one would you rather choose… Firefox or Google Chrome


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But I entered my own values.

Also I am ubuntu user and there is no Google chrome for Linux yet :wink:

lol… Yet :stuck_out_tongue: