Are you still using 32-bit Windows? Are you sure?

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I’m still using it. :slight_smile:

BTW, do you have to change any hardware to upgrade to 64bit?

Maybe Jeremy. Your CPU might not support 64bit. highly unlikely… unless your your from the stone-age. ;D

  • I’m using 32bit. I don’t see any reason to change yet anyway. Those malware figures you show aren’t any concern for me ;D

I’ll get 64bit when I get a better laptop. :stuck_out_tongue:

Using 64bit for the sake of more RAM.

Yeah my cpu can handle 64 bit but I’m using XP and the 64 bit version of that sucks lol

You don’t have to change anything.
Your laptop’s CPU supports Windows 7 X64, but I’m not sure it has X64 drivers.
Ask DELL about drivers.
You can install Windows X64 with X86 CD-Key.
You may not use Windows 7 XP mode, if your CPU doesn’t have VT.
But MS will release the patch for Windows 7 XP mode without VT.
I’m not sure when, but it will be released soon.

LaserWraith’s CPU supports X64.
I know his laptop.
It’s not that old one from DELL.

Still using 32bit, and happy about it. I use 64bit sometimes, when I try out another OS, but 32 bit is better supported…


I use Windows 7 X64 Ultimate for my main OS not only the security but also the performance.
(sub windows: Vista SP2 X64, XP SP3 x86)
It gives me better performance including it supports over 4GB ram.
Vista SP2 X64 supports over 4GB ram, but I feel better with Windows 7 X64.
Fast and stable. :-TU