Are you responsible for an IT infrastructure? IT Manager? Sys Admin?

If you are, please respond to this post by saying, Yep I am!

would love to pick your brains on some new initiatives we have please.

thank you


Yep, I am!

hi Jake

thanks for the heads up.

We have built a Remote Monitoring and Management platform with patch management and service desk all in and making it available for free. Of course I need the industry brains to help guide its development. The product is at and it has a special forum at

Would you be kind enough to test drive this baby and then come and join us in forum1 with your technical feedback about improvements to the product please? Its free and you can use it to manage your IT if you wish, but what is more important for us is your technical feedback. We can create the best IT management tool for the community, so that we all can enjoy totally free it management tools.

thank you!


Greetings Melih.
I shall certanly try. The IT environment is of 5 desktop PC’s and one laptop, all non technical users. All connected via office LAN, simple switch/router.
As I understand it, I test drive on admin PC, while others have CIS, or this is deployed automatically via network?

Currently we are equipped with Qihoo 360 Total Security and mix of Qihoo Total Security Essentials with Advanced System Care Pro.
I will plan ahead and prepare for the transition this week, if all goes well [it should!].

I will register on link you provided, thank you! :-TU

this RMM tool is a beast :slight_smile:
it can handle tens of thousands of devices to manage, it has patch management etc too.

your feedback is very appreciated. thank you!

I registered on the forum and posted there, but since you’re here, I’m having a slight problem, I am sure you’ll understand from the screenshot.

Long story short, I cannot pass further this page, and the small agency I work with has this, which has a dash in the name.

Any workaround tip?

EDIT: I already added comodo as subdomain via control panel from the website’s CP…

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