Are you going to try CAVS 3?

Go ahead and vote. :wink:


I’m not sure … I’m trying several programs to kill a trojan at the moment :). So I will post later .


I’ll test CAVS 3 and will keep it if i like it. If not I will watch the development closely and grab it when i like it ;D

I’m going to try CAVS 3 and keep it. (R)

Quote from Melih:“the hips and whitelisting approach for CAV will come from D+ in v3. We are whitelisting any file that can execute.” So having a conventional blacklist/signature based virus scanner along with D+ seems to cover the bases. Don’t know what the value added of CAVS3 is above this if you already have CFP3. Never got an answer on CAVS3 in the thread .

Will uninstall AVG8 to try CAVS 3 on XP.
Also will install on Vista no Antivirus at this time.
Hope it will be release soon.

Count me in ;D. I will un-install CAVS 2 to try CAVS 3.


i pick c. when in doubt, pick c or the middle answer or the longest one - it’s usually the right answer

yes, but i’m not sure though :stuck_out_tongue:
as far as i know, comodo use whitelisting approach, not sure about its blacklisting ability (:NRD)

In the past Comodo has released software even after Beta testing when it is NOT QUITE ready.

I will watch the forum and decide when to try it, but having been burnt once or twice in the firewall software cycle, it may be in a release that is later than the first that I brave CAVS3. So I think I’ll be an interested bystander this time around. (I installed nearly every version of the FW from early beta on, at some time, but today’s firewall release is the first one I am really comfortable telling others who are not sophisticated, to download and install, principally because of problems in installation and, especially, in uninstalling previous versions.)

Hoping for enthusiastic and unproblematic beta testing!! Get to it folks!

LOL :-TU :-TU :-TU

@ /LA: you don’t use AV, why did you post a topic about CAVS? so you’re clean freak syndrome free now? ;D

He’s also a gambler in that he loves testing programs to challenge his computer to ■■■■ up someday. It’s a sad mixture (:SAD)

LOL, I was curious of the CAVS 3 interest. :wink: No, the clean freak syndrome is permanent. :slight_smile:

No, it makes every day excited! (:LGH)

Personally I haven’t voted yet, I’m not sure what I will do. According to my last 6 months of using this computer, I don’t seem to need an AV at all. And I am the clean freak. On the other hand, I like Comodo software and I’ve been waiting for CAVS 3. We’ll see what wins; the clean mind or the Comodo mind…


Personally I haven't voted yet, I'm not sure what I will do
+ 1

I don’t like on acces scanners in the first place, but I really want to know how CAVS performs.


I used to run AVG 7.5 before switching to Avast.

Can’t wait to try CAVS but allergic to the thought of a Beta so CAVS 3 can’t come soon enough for me.


Welcome to the forums (:NRD)

However I think the beta should be quite fine and very quick out of beta stage :slight_smile:


I’ll be installing the beta of it on a dedicated machine and doing some extensive testing first - then once I’ve uncovered all the bugs I’ll be much happier to install the release version for real use! :slight_smile: :wink:

Well I wanted to try CAVS3. I really thought it would have been released a lot sooner, but I won’t on my PC because I just got Norton from school, and I plan on keeping it until my prescription expires. I’ll try CAVS3 on my new laptop I’m getting in a few months though.


Few months should give CAVS 3 a stable release for you!


I’ve been through hell to find my happy place

I started with Bitdefender and Zonealarm Security Suite a few months ago on new computer, I used Zonealarm Security Suite alone for quite some time before this (Diffrent Computer). Things went well and I either got hacked, got a virus or something but, My Bitdefender was literally DISABLED and Zonealarm Security Suite didnt start up. I ended up reformatting.

Than, I moved on to Zonealarm Security Suite and NOD 32, More days of Slowness from Zonealarm The Resources Hog and NOD 32 wasnt detecting anything. It was just, horrible.

Than I found Comodo and I thought I found my happy place. I ditched that Zonealarm peice of junk for a light weight more powerfull firewall and I also got Kaspersky 2009 Antivirus

than I read about problems with Co-Exsistance but ignore them because things seemed fine, I did notice alot of diffrent connections coming out of KAV.exe though. Now today I tried to do some leak test and Kaspersky was inteferring and allowing them to go through while Comodo tried to block them. So today I uninstalled it and I’m downloading Avira Premium 6 month trial as I type this.

I hear CAVS 3.0 is going to be AMAZING but, I am still not quite sure what is so explosive about it.

How many people here are going to switch to CAVS? I think I will make the switch because I actually trust Comodo to protect my computer and I’ve been having problems and I just want powerful protection without problems.

I have considered upgrading to Comodo Firewall Pro Plus if I had the cash to spend.

I also run SUPER Anti Spyware which runs quiely in the background and doesnt give me any problems.