Are websites not allowed to mention or recommend the CIS Free version?

Almost every site that does a comparison of Security Suites never reviews the free version, but mentions the paid version. I’m just curious why that is. Does Comodo not allow websites to advertise the free version?

TopTenReviews makes no mention at all of Comodo even though it is top-rated on and considered unbeatable. doesn’t even mention Comodo in their list of Free internet security suites but mentions various unpopular rouge software.

And yet… bloggers are quick to degrade paid internet security suites and still… no mention of Comodo as a free alternative!

Still not mention of Comodo

And, when a site finally DOES mention Comodo they actually are comparing the Antivirus portion against non-internet security suites. Totally not fair! How is
Panda Free antivirus even remotely close to a security suite?? The whole point of a security suite is that it contains a real genuine working firewall. The only one on this list that can even be considered in the same category as Comodo is Outpost.

Sites of downloads, the analysis is always focused on practicality and usability.

Suites or antivirus comparisons made in downloads sites, blogs … should not be taken too seriously (not disparaging who does this type of analysis). Apparently always use the same samples (malware detection analysis sites).

Want to know the strengths and weaknesses of a test yourself software. Sometimes the malware you download accidentally by email, for exemple, is very different from those used in “disclosure laboratories”

There is absolutely no difference between the free and paid CIS. With any of the paid options, all one receives is additional online services such as Geek Buddy.