Are we allowed to ask for feedback?

If we have created something, are we then allowed to post a link in a topic asking for feedback? It is not cosidered spam in my opinion.
I wish to get feedback for a currency converter I just finished? I need another set of eyes on it in order to improve it.

Don’t want to post the link before asking if I am allowed to do so.

Thanks in advance! :-TU

Nobody answered my post, therefore I will try my luck?
I have created this currency converter that I would love to get feedback on. It is meant to be transformed into an app when I am satisfied with it and it has been properly tested.

I look forward to reading all your feedback.

Thanks in advance!

As long as the forum policy is not violated, there is no problem. (If it were a commercial product, it would be commercial advertising and not allowed.)

It is a nice product. Where does it get the exchange rates?

I think it should have a copy function. It’s not very easy to select the result of the conversion.

It does not handle very big numbers very well. Maybe there should be a limit to how many digits that can be entered?

Disable text selection on : inverse, flag, drop-down, search icon.
It would be interesting to get/display exchange rates from multiple sources.
Save value(s) to a history feature.
On currency/country search there should be more validation. Additionally, on long text value, text shouldn’t go beyond ‘x’ indicator.
Make the ‘x’ indicator colored on mouse hover. (& others)

Have fun for now. :stuck_out_tongue: