Are these settings blocking people on my network viewing me


Long story short I have a very good feeling my roommate is watching what everyone is browsing on the network. On the windows 7 forum someone suggested I use comondo and I just want to doubt check that this is correct and will stop the program I think he is using.

The suggestion was that I block all the ips besides mine and the routers and make my ip static. Which I thought I had originally done in comondo but then when I looked again I couldnt figure it out. I didnt make my ip static in comondo lol.

I want to check if the settings below are correct. Would this stop someone from viewing what I browse, I have a feeling they are using the program wireshark.

How are the PCs and router configured, are they part of the same network, i.e. do you share the router. If so, is it the DHCP server for the network?

What is the gateway address for your router?