Are these normal?????

Updated to firefox 3.6 and noticed that after installation in the “My Documents” folder i see a folder named “Downloads” is that normal with the new firefox?

Also I’m running NoScripts right now and I see it asking me to allow permission from I allowed for but not one.

That’s the default download folder for Firefox

I had no idea that is so then why is it I do not see that with older versions of firefox??? Anyways thanks for clearing that up.

Not sure. When I first used Firefox, it was version 3.5 or 3.6 (don’t remember exactly which). As for, the only reference I was able to find out (thanks to playing with ad blocking in Opera and Firefox’s Firebug plugin) is that it’s Comodo’s domain to host to the corner trust logo at the bottom-right of this forum. You can block it to speed up scrolling up & down.