Are these firewall setting ok?

We’ll see the picture attached bellow

You may ask why i have all of these global rules? Well my internet company does not block anything from anywhere and it does not monitor anything they have been hacked a cuple of times!
And i keep getting incoming connections every couple of seconds from countries i do not connect to!
And also i want to make a very good configuration before i start using any bit torrents!

Internet works fine on every website and has speeded up on every website

P.S. Port 7 should be blocked by everyone its a PING port

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Rather than try to have a comprehensive rules list, which would be quite long and fragile to maintain, I would suggest acquiring a NAT/router. That will block the vast majority of junk, particularly spoofed packets. If your ISP indeed does not monitor their network, you’ll have invalid and impossible packets thrown at your machine, which a NAT/router will just shrug off.

Regarding your rules:

ICMP types 3,4,11,and 12 are the only ones that need to come from and go to the Internet. Type 0 should be allowed in, and type 8 should go outbound.

Port 7 should not be active on a Windows machine, unless you’re running some *ix services. And the default *ix/BSD system installs blocked those years ago.

Your rules are missing some of the Netbios ports: 135, 137-139, and 445. TCP and UDP.

The only IP protocols that should be allowed to or from the Internet are ICMP, TCP, and UDP. Unless you are running IPSec or Ipv6. Unless you want to list all possible 256 protocols, there isn’t really an easy way to limit that. That would make for a long rules list.