Are these files from Win 7 SP1 beta FP's?

CIS said:Backdoor.Win32.PcClient.-a@97069727

Files attached.

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Hello bequick,

Thank you for your submission. We’ll check the files and get back to you soon.

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So?What is it?Is there any threat or it’s a fp?I’m asking, because we have a definition(signature detection) here from comodo.I hope it’s not wrong.

Hi bequick,

Reported files were confirmed to be False Positive and detection will removed in next few updates.



Hi bequick,

This FP has been fixed in DB 4537. Please update and confirm it.


I cannot do it, because my system crashed completely, when I tried to install SP1.

Windows 7 SP1 hasn`t even been released as a Beta yet, i would be careful and wary of versions flying around you know what :wink:


Not officially, but yes it is:

I saw some alerts from CIS, but just disabled the Av, because don’t want more system crashes.:slight_smile: