Are these files from CTM?

I have discovered using Autoruns that some files can’t be found and seems to belong to CTM.
Are they from CTM? Why can’t they be found?

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Hi Tech,

Those seem to belong to CTM yes, but I see TrueCrypt in you signature, you are not running full disk encryption are you? Cause that should not function combined with CTM and could cause severe data loss.

Why can’t they be found by Autoruns?

Look, I have two partitions encrypted with TrueCrypt (they were done before installing CTM and I install CTM before reinstalling TrueCrypt). I can get access to them and both, TrueCrypt and CTM are working. Only that I need to uninstall TrueCrypt each time I install CTM.
The TrueCrypt partitions aren’t protected by CTM.

Does windows explorer or command-box show these files present on disk?

So you don’t have the TrueCrypt boot-loader active?
You mount those partitions later on at OS boot?

Yes… It’s strange. They’re shown in Windows Registry also…
Why can’t autoruns running in admin mode find these files? Are they “hidden” by CTM?

No, not active and never was. I use Windows 7 boot loader and I understand that the MBR belongs to CTM.

Yes, after making logon an Windows scheduled task brings the TrueCrypt dialog to mount the partition.

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Is autoruns run as administrator or as standard user?
And does that make a difference?


No, not at all.

I can’t expect help from Microsoft but, as the files are Comodo’s ones, shouldn’t the developers say anything about it?

Yes, these drivers are belong to CTM. For some reasons, you can not access these drivers files.
Please do not disable it, otherwise you will get a BSOD after reboot your OS.

Well… I must admit that I have already got that BSOD and need to restore an old snapshot from the console… Shame on me.
I won’t touch them again, I promise…