Are these false positives?

I recently had to re-install comodo due to technical issues, it asked to scan my system (like it does when you first install) and it came up with 2 unclassified malware these are…

c:\Program Files\Big Fish Game Suite\installers\mahjongtowestern_s1_|1_gF588T1L1_d0_xcd.exe

C:\Program Files\Google Toolbar\Component\GoogleToolbarManager_0531C^3A913CC9D1.exe

They both could be legitimate programs as the Games suite came pre-installed with my laptop and I have google gadgets which also came pre-installed. I’ve run other malware detection software such as superantispyware and also spywareblaster. I’m not really sure what I should do with these as I don’t want to delete them if they are just false positives and mess up my pc.


Upload them to these two sites and give us the links to the reports:

Hi P33gles,
Please confirm detection with our latest updates.
if you still find the problem, report us with Detection name and DetectionID.
Would be better if you submit samples to us.
Thanks for Reporting.

Thanks and Regards,