Are there new policies for Defence+ or FW in version 6?

Compared with those pertaining version 5.10, did FW or Defence+ policies change between the two versions?
I mean the Protected Files and Folders, Protected Registry Keys etc etc
If so, could someone post a complete list or the screenshots?

Important files/Folders changed, Added:
“?:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu*|”

Comodo Groups changed because of new .exe names etc

New group added to be uses in Sandbox exclusion folders to preserve browser settings during virtual browsing:
List is dynamically build based on installed browsers:

Web Browser Data Folders

Else no changes.

Do you recommend adding these “new policies” in 5.10 settings?

[b]Important files/Folders changed, Added:[/b] "?:\Users\*\Desktop\*|" "?:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\*|"
In practice these two prevent from adding links to Start menu and files to Desktop? Why?

It has been changed to support multi user, used for behavior blocker/defense+
You can add it to 5.10 if you like