Are there "new defaults" with CIS 3.9?

Is this thread to be updated?

I’m still wondering :a0

Any hope to have a reply? :THNK

The network Global rules has a small change for improvement (thanks Ronnie).
The default settings remain at present.

Where can I find that “small change for improvement”?
So that I can change it by myself :-TU

Hello Hullboy,

I’ll see if i can update a full post on this but for now, here’s a screenshot of the changes in global rules.
If you did not create manual rules for global you can run the stealth port wizard with the second option.
That will recreate the global rules.


What screenshot? 88) ;D :-TU

This one :o

[attachment deleted by admin]

Thanks, done with the 2nd option :-TU