Are there currently problem with updates?

Hi guys,

My CIS hasn’t updated for 8 hours now and I’ve had this behaviour for 3 days straight. I get 1 update in the morning, 1 around 3 pm ish and then nothing until the next day.

As I say it’s now been 8 hours, yes I know we have the cloud but 8 hours can’t be right surely?

This page shows the last time definitions were pushed out to CIS. Was this the last time yours was updated? Note that this is in GMT, thus conversion may be necessary.

I ask because I know that recently Comodo has been improving certain things on the backend, which have caused periods where new updates were not released, and I want to figure out if it is this which you are experiencing, or an issue with CIS.


No, my last updates would have been around 2pm UK time, 8 hours back from now. Thanks for the response Chriron. I first noticed this issue around 3 days ago.

Just coming from another thread where you helped… it’s been 7 hours here since last update (2:19 GMT) although I changed the update settings to every 4 hours.

Yes that would have been the time of my last update too. Seems it’s related to the work that’s being done on the backend as was the case a couple of weeks ago, at least I hope.

So is this issue to do with the work that’s being done on the backend?

Right I’ve had no updates since this morning at 09:31 am. Can someone confirm that this is a problem on Comodo’s side, and is the cloud still working?

I notice that in comodo’s site the last database is from yesterday, 19:59.
That makes almost 24 hours without updating.

Mine did update this morning but it must have been a tiny update as it was done in seconds. We need someone from comodo to explain what’s going on, and if the cloud is down too, because if the cloud’s down as well I’ll have to temporarily install a different av because comodo’s av wont be offering any protection. Sure we still have hips and sandbox but there’s still a need for a functional av.

Can anyone let me know what’s going on with the updates? I think it’s unacceptable for the updates to go down and Comodo not to give any explanation.

Hello hello what do we have here? It’s only a virus database update :slight_smile: