Are there any girls that use comodo?

Where are the girls in this comodo forum? Please introduce yourselves. If there are none why are they not using comodo security products?

I am sure there is! ;D Looking for a girlfriend, eh?

“Boys will be boys… girls will be girls”


Nah I was just wondering if women are even interested in internet security. Just trying to figure out what women want. Sigh

hold it right there casanova 88)
just like Neil armstrong said before he landed on the moon… “please Queue” 88)
(:HUG) welcome

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Not the kind of girl most men want to be with. (:TNG)

Maybe this should be

It’s very interesting:
Where are women in security forums?or games forums? or computer forums??
No women :-\

Pretending to be men.

I would know. :-*

I keep seeing more of the opposite 88);msg95377#msg95377

Aloha Ganda, Yes I am a woman, one who is trying to make the right choices for the av program and the rest.

according to our recent survey 12% of our firewall users are Female.


Tachi and Zenobia on Safer Networking Forums :
Miekiemoes on Blue Medicine : Mivercon Security Forum
Suzi on Spyware Warior :

Just some ladies that pop up in my mind who are Admin or Moderator :slight_smile:

Zenobia is my favorite (:LOV)

Greetz, Red.

You can change that to 13% once Ganda finds the answer.

Will you introduce us to them? :a0

he he… i don’t know who they are…


Oh, I forgot to mention that fact, because I didn’t think it was necessary.

I’m a girl of course.

“I’m sixteen, I’m beautiful, and now you’re mine.”


GANDA anywhere?


bad liar >:(

Everything is the opposite, so instead of 16 it’s 61 and etc

Look here… :wink:

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+1 Sticky.