Are the downloads dead ?

Hello Comodo Team ! :ilovecomodo:

First i need to say… I LOVE COMODO ! Smiles, i guess that says it all… keep goin folks ! :-TU

Now to the problem:
The very latest versionof CSC (2.2.126408.3) seems to have a difference in its config (i guess)…
Ofcourse i know that cleaners need to be handled with care, thats why the configs are made the way that with standard settings you dont risk to delete important files… (:NRD)
Can it be that with that last version something slipped through ? After the first cleanup i did with that version, my system was nearly unusable… bad bluescreen crashes on any higher “load”…

(Dont worry friends, i have a image of my system so i got it back in 30 minutes…) :BNC

Now since 2 days my pc does not want to connect to “” anymore…
… means, no updates working, no comodo TV,
and most sad i cant download any software from comodo at all !!

Are the 2 problems in any way related ?
(stoppin the downloads completely before more bad things happen to users… ?) :P0l
Or do you have only some general maintenance goin on there ?

btw: i have tried to do the downloads with IE and with Firefox as well… oh and also with completely disabled firewall… still no connection to

a otherways completely happy user,

I don’t know if my situation is the same as yours.

I have the free version 3.5.57. For the last week it cannot update. I get the message to check my internet connection. But I am obviously connected (DSL). What can I do?

Marian ???

Your version of CIS is very outdated, acctually ranging back to 3rd Dec, 2008… Comodo Firewall | Get Best Personal Firewall Software for $29.99 A Year

Antivirus updates for this version has halted, please update to the latest: 3.13.126709.581, you can try CIS inbuilt updater (misc>check for updates) or a fresh install… Full installer can be found here →

As for, Cytraveler’s problems…

Someone else will have to answer… But make sure CIS is the latest 3.13.126709.581 version… Also check for any proxy settings… (If IE is using a proxy, so will CIS3 when trying to update…)

Hey Friends :slight_smile:

Cytraveler again… OK connecting to works again … actually i have now no clue if the problem was just on my side, or if the download server was truly down…
Can anyone confirm that ?

Oh and btw. Marian,
in my last post i was not talkin about CIS, i talked about CSC (Comodo System Cleaner).
So yes “commanding the celsius” is right there… CIS is already up to version 3.13.126709.581.
you should uninstall your old version and then dl the recent and install, that way you make sure that you get what is called a “clean install”.

So now that the downloads are back one of my problems is solved, but a last one remains…

Not sure what to do about CSC (Comodo System Cleaner) now… the last time i used it, it damaged my system… (could have been my own fault ofcourse, by maybe setting somethin wrong)…
Now i am a bit scared to try it again.
Any suggestions on that anyone ? or similar experiences ?
I’d really love to get a workin CSC again, because i am sure its the best cleaner out there…