Are the default settings good enough?

Dont know if this has been asked but I’m just curious if i can leave everything with CPF as is and not have to worry about anything as far as a firewall protection goes?

The reason I ask is because right now in the application monitor the destination and port rules are set to “any” with permission being “allowed” and that worries me a little.

Last thing, I noticed when the popup box appears asking to permit or deny something I see an application with UDP 53 next to it and I’m not quite sure if I should allow this app or not, I do allow it but not sure if its o.k.
I know what the application is that is trying to connect to the internet just not sure about the UDP 53.



If you use you do not use your computer for gaming then yes the default settings should work great for you, you may need to create additional rules in the future if you are using remote software. However the default rules are very good at protecting you, the default rules block every known leaktest at the moment, thats why CPF is the only firewall that protects you from every leaktest “out of the box” ;).

Hi, here is some info on port 53. Hope this helps.

This is just a single home PC that I share with my wife.
We dont play any type of games or anything like that and dont share anything between this computer, just basic use.

Anyway I’m still not completely sure about seeing the Application monitor with “any” in the destination and port areas.
Is there anyway to tighten the rules to application that are already there?

I understand that this firewall passes all the leaktests “out of the box” but I guess its just me being paranoid.

You may want to adjust the alert level frenquency to something higher then. I have mine set to “very high” which alerts me for any IP, port, protocol, etc made by an application. This will (as expected), give you alot more prompts but over time, once you have used your software for a while, these will become fewer and fewer. The nice thing about this firewall (and I love this feature), is that if you change an existing rules details, it will remove any un-needed rules (i.e from changing the IP to “any”).


Edit: Btw, regarding your first post. You will see a ton of attempts to port 53 (udp) if you set the frequency level to “very high”.