Are the default "Network Rules" sufficient

On the system ‘mOngOd’ has supplied a very comprehensive and [ hopefully ] easy to follow set of guidance concerning the ‘network rules’ that should apply to a firewall.
My questions are -

  1. Are these 4 rules that he has suggested applied as ‘standard’ on V3?
    • If these rules are adequate why do users keep wanting to change / expand their own firewall network rules.

I was hoping that when I do migrate to V3 I could just install and forget, but I am concerned that I may have to try and " tweek" my settings, not really knowing what I am doing exactly and in the process B**lls it up, will the default rules be more than adequate?

Hi overfifty,to answer your questions as best i can.

  1. If you do decide to go with V3, run the “Stealth Ports Wizard”,if you dont use the p2p option this will set up four rules for you in"Global Rules"

  2. It`s about configurability(think i spelled it right) the standard rules are fine but with V3 you have some great features available such as setting your Browser up with the “Web Browser Policy”

To sum up the default gives you excellant protection if you want to just install and forget but the option is allways there to delve into it a bit more.

Hope this helps Matty

No, the default rules are not sufficient for most users, they are : safe for everybody
( and thats some accomplishment; NO, I don’t work for Comodo :slight_smile: )
Users want to “change” firewall-rules because they have decided that they actually want their PC
to be able to establish a connection.

Thanks Guys. I don’t use the computer for gaming , but I will use the stealth mode [ which seems to be a good piece of kit]
I will eventually upgrade - when the bugs have settled down on the new version and I pluck up enough courage to do so…