Are the apps listed?

I don’t think this PC has EVER felt so safe! Thanks for the great firewall and good looking interface.

Hi, is it possible to see all recognized applications and their settings? I think I’d like to review (change) some settings… (For instance to see why Battlefield 2 isn’t working anymore :-[ )

I would also appreciate it if comodo could be more clear about source and destination computers. This is really confusing when the setting is for traffic in both directions. Why not simply call it local and remote? Please?

Nonetheless, (L)


I suppose you’re using CFP v 3? Thus, I moved your post here.

I’m not aware of any way to view the safe list. But you can create your own rules/settings for Defense+. The Battlefield problem, perhaps you can put the folder to “My Own Safe Files”? I think that should exclude it from Defense+.