Are Software Programs causing some of the blocks seen by Comodo ? ?

I have a premis that some software programs are the cause of several of the blocks seen in the Comodo Log.

A few weeks ago I saw a Medium Severity that appeared 3-5 times every 5 seconds. Finally discovered that it was from a joost file tvprunner that did not uninstall when you shut joost down.

For the past few days I have been getting infrequently a red HIGH Severity for UDP scans. I noticed it when I blocked a feature of of the Secunia PSI beta (remember I prefer only necessary Operating System and Security programs run at startup. What really caught my attention was when I uninstalled and then installed the new update. This time I allowed that file to run at startup and saw again the same IP address ending in 222.222.

In doing a search I found the server belongs to OpenDNS. And from their forum found this old post

Also found for the last 2 weeks some links are very very slow to open especially links 3-4 deep.Is there a Free and easy to use WHOIS application for IP addresses? As I said my premis is that some of the items we see blocked are from software programs that are not functioning properly. Or that might be attempting to scan that they don’t need to do to function, such as Adobe, QuickTime, Windows Media Player, wanting to check for updates at startup.

This would allow me to contact that software manufacturer, causing the blocked log file.
Although my earlier suggestion this week about manually sending some to Comodo would definitely have a Bigger IMPACT, my 10-20 for a week (low impact) versus Comodo with 10,000 - 75,000 logs from different users from around the world. And most important it would allow Comodo to contact IP hosts if the information amassed shows evidence that there are Zombies on their Network.

Help with the .222.222 block is appreciated.