Are sandbox software submissions done anonymously?

What information is sent (pls include obvious answers like the executable, etc. so I understand fully) to Comodo when an unknown application is automatically (or manually) sandboxed?

I want to better understand if any personal/computer info is sent, if it gets traced back to the sender, or if it’s all sent 100% anonymously? If so, how does the result (i.e. safe or unsafe) get sent back to the sender so that the app can be destroyed or un-sandboxed?

we don’t, nor want to identify the sender. All we care for is files…
In theory we want to work towards minimising the number of applications that has to run in sandbox. So by submitting these apps, we have an opportunity to mark them either good or bad file…so that next user who comes accross with that file doesn’t have to get it sandboxed.


Ok, so only the app is sent, got it. How is the result information sent back my machine if no identification information is sent along with the app?

its still an unknown app as far as your machine is concerned so it will ask again if this file is good or not…and if we have the result it will tell your machine…

Result is NOT pushed to you, rather pulled by your machine, by repeteadly asking the same question per se.


Ah, so in other words with sandbox enabled and everything checkmarked in the settings (please correct where I’m wrong):

  1. Unknown app found & placed in sandbox
  2. Submit/lookup is performed online automatically
  3. If it’s found in the safelist, then the program will be moved to my safe files(?) and then upon the next time the program is run, it will run outside the sandbox (but it must be restarted for that to happen)

That sound about right?

And obviously I should always let it submit files that I personally know are safe to Comodo so it will become universally safe for all users in the future…?

that sounds about right…

if a file is found to be safe by us, that means we know that is safe and when someone else asks about the very same file, we will tell them its safe.

As to files you know safe, that comodo doesn’t know about… you can always submit them to us so that we can analyse them and if found to be safe add it to our database and help others.

hope this clarifies…

Hello Melih ,

What do you think if there would be small window which shows progress of submission after sandbox alert. So that we can be sure the file sent or not ( had error )

sure why not…
pls put it in the wishlist…

Thank you very much for reply. I will add to wishlist.