Are Ports Stealthed By Default [RESOLVED]

Hi Everybody, just a quick question. Are all ports stealthed by default or do you need to run the Stealth Ports Wizard.

Any help is much appreciated

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I believe the ports are stealthed by default.

To verify this for yourself go to and run Shields Up.

(My ports were sealthed and I did not run the wizard).


Indeed. The Stealth Ports Wizard is only needed for tweaking or a quick “reset” of the rules. I found all the various options it had and did was basically change the Global Rules

e.g.: The default Block all incoming connections auto sets up the v2.x style-type Network Rules, wheras the Alert me to incoming connections just changes your Global Rules so that there’s nothing except one rule blocking incoming ICMP Echo Requests.

I’ve tried both modes and both stealthed my ports.

Cheers Guys :■■■■