Are my rules okay?

I have the following rules setup, and was wondering if anyone thinks I have a hole I missed.

  1. Out IP rule to the ZONE: wireless router IP address (single IP)
  2. In IP rule from Zone: wireless router IP address to PC
  3. Out IP rule to Zone: wife’s PC (single IP address)
  4. In IP rule from Zone: wife’s PC address to PC
  5. Alloww TCP or UDP out from IP any to IP any where source port is ANY and remote port is ANY
  6. Allow ICMP out from IP Any to IP Any where ICMP message is echo request
  7. " " where ICMP message is fragmentation needed
  8. " " where ICMP message is Time Exceeded
  9. Allow in TCP or UDP in or out from IP any to IP any where source IP is any and remote port is 29478 (for my azureus bit torrent)
  10. Block and log IP in or OUT from IP any to IP any where IPPROTO is any

Trying to see if I have gaps or I should tighten the rules.

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Not sure… The easiest way is to use the automatic settings when you install and then goto Security>>>Tasks and Add Trusted Zone. CPF will already detect your wireless connection and click next and then ok. This will create the rules you need automatically. That is if your using the latest Beta 2.3 which is due to be released as Stable on their download site next week. (probably tuesday or thursday). There is also a complete tutorial for setting up your network rules created by “panic” aka Ewen here:
it will take you through the whole thing step by step.