Are files IN the Sandbox accessible by programs OUTSIDE the sandbox?


I’m considering using COMODO Internet Security primarily for it’s sandbox feature - but not sure if it keeps things which are outside the sandbox from interacting with things inside the sandbox.

Basically, I don’t want files which are in a sandbox to be searchable/visable to programs operating outside of the box.

It’s not designed for this, I know, but wondering if it can be used this way?

(I’m a newbie, so please explain simply if you choose to help me out with a reply… THANKS! :))

If you don’t want them searchable, you would have to block the VTRoot and Shared Folders from being searched. They are both open to access via Explorer.

Thank-you for taking the time to reply Satre.

I would have full control over the files in the Shared folder - or if running a program in the Sandbox - does CIS place some files there itself?

Re: VT Root - how in the world can I make it ‘unsearchable’? (I know I can make it hidden in Windows Explorer but that’s not hidden to all programs…)

Basically, I’d like to install and run a program in the sandbox only - and have it so scans looking for component files of the program not find it.

Thanks for the help!!

Shared Space is a “common folder” where sandboxed programs can save/modify files that won’t be wiped out when the sandbox is reset.

One possible solution is to run your sandboxed programs under a different user account and set restrictive permissions on the sensitive data/folders in VTRoot. I haven’t tried this. Maybe you’re better off using a folder locking software.